Reflection Upon a Return to One’s Past

Tread Softly

Shall I tread softly here as I return
Upon this hallowed grass
Deserving not such respect
O’er some twenty-odd buried years of hurt?
Still your feigned interest
Grows gaudy and jealous
Because I quit,
I left,
Walked away from
This small does-not-ever-happen place

While only your label-maker’s curiosity
To gorge upon my suffering since
Causes your asking
After our monster created by the marks of
Whispered barbs,
Disdaining casted looks like
Slow elevators drilling down
Into the self-worth of me
Who rises up hoping for your envy
That I’ve walked this rim of earth
To discover my own unhampered joy

Still the eternal flood of your
Shadowy river of contempt
Drowns this hallowed grass
And you sink beneath the deep of
Your own pain
Crushed by this constant rock –
Always smarter than you,
Better, stronger
And more pure to myself
As this marked creature spares one little scar

To grace you with pity,

…and tread softly here…


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