Can You Rescue the Perishing?


You waived your last chance
For hope to surface
Wrenching those concrete shoes
Off boney feet
In the closet of regret
And memory lost
You chose

the weight

You weighted your life chance
With burdens not your own
Remaining past the allowed time
To hold such trinkets
For remembrance
And reverie
You chose

to wade

You waded into waters of chance
To deal a new hand
Exhausted from the treading
To keep head up
Feet off bottom
And reality in sight
You chose

to wait

You waited for some chance
I could span the distance
Resist sinking in quicksand
Between the shore
My feet grasped
And the whirlpool
You chose

that wave

You wav-ed only by chance
Before underneath
Wasted dreams and effort
Caused your quitting
Arms thrown up
And down you went
You chose – weighted –

to waive

it all…

April 2012

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