Catching Up – A Long Time Coming

Hello! Yes, it has been a long time (almost 3 years) since our last post. We have maintained a presence on our Facebook page, but time just has not allowed for keeping up with the blog.

Here’s why….
(This post is dedicated to the folks who are experiencing the same type of harrowing disaster in Nebraska, Iowa, etc. RIGHT NOW! Our prayers and hopes for the best are with you!)


August 11-13 of 2016 saw the greatest disaster to hit our local area in a very long time.
Termed a 1000 year weather event/flood, a tropical depression formed over land in southeast Louisiana, basically on top of Livingston Parish where we live. (I’m using laymen’s terms.) Rainfall rates were from 2-3 inches per hour with more than 2 feet falling across a several parish area.  Just north of us, in Watson, LA, the rainfall total peaked at over 31 inches in approximately a 24-30 hour period.  Huge issues with flash flooding occurred across the area, but then it started to hit the rivers. Our local river the Amite does not drain into the Mississippi, and it, along with other small rivers west to east across our parish took the brunt of the flow which was a rainfall estimated to be equal to 18 days’ worth of discharge from the mouth of the Mississippi.

  • 90% of the town where we live flooded
  • over 80% of our entire parish flooded
  • over 80% of those who flooded were not in areas requiring flood insurance and had none
  • 20,000 plus people were rescued from flood waters
  • 13 individuals lost their lives (one a close friend of ours)
  • an estimated 146,000+ homes (plus businesses) flooded across the area

The photo above was taken after waters had settled.  We know from items on shelves in the kitchen, which were full of muddy water, the level was at one point above 5 1/2 feet, settling to around 58 inches to sit for about 2 1/2 days. The road to recovery is hard.  Our house is still not completely finished. We are only just beginning to get a real start on the exterior and the garden. We were blessed to have flood insurance, but so many did not.

If you are interested in seeing some of the recovery process, please visit our Facebook page.

Here’s what we would appreciate you doing:

  • Pray for all those currently affected in the mid-west and plains states by flooding.
  • Find a good way to donate to help those folks. Please don’t give through the Red Cross. Faith-based locals are the best way to give.
  • Volunteer to help with flood recovery by going to help do demolition and re-building if at all possible. This work is so valuable – you can’t imagine how encouraging it is to those who are in the midst of crisis!
  • If you are inclined, support our dear friend, John Schneider (“Bo Duke”)  who produced a wonderful album borne from this tragedy. John’s place flooded twice in 2016, but the 100+ year old house he calls home flooded for the first time in it’s history in August 2016.
  • John Schneider’s album “Ruffled Skirts” can be purchased here:
    as a CD through John’s store (autographed is an option PLUS a LOT Of other merchandise – Please check it out!)
    at Amazon music
    on iTunes
    OR PLAY it here (but a purchase would really help our pal out!):
    on Spotify
    YouTube CD baby video playlist

We are working on posting more things on the blog.  Please be patient as we continue to work toward recovery!
Thank you for reading!




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