About Our One Little Acre

Ingallsnook … one little acre of suburbia in the deep south and the odyssey of the land, the house, and the family toward old-fashioned principles of homesteading while maintaining a modern life-style which honors God …

What’s in the name?

An ‘inglenook’ is a somewhat archaic term for a fireplace inside an alcove or small room, usually with built-in benches and sometimes bookshelves for storing reading materials.  In centuries past, this sort of nook provided a warm space for visiting, reading, or playing card games in cold environments inside drafty old living structures.  This Old House  has an excellent article about the inglenook and its evolution from medieval times.

An inglenook is symbolic of warm hospitality and domesticity.

Using the last name of the family as a part of the greater Ingalls clan in North America, the charming  idea of the old-fashioned inglenook and the family name decided the moniker for “One Little Acre in Louisiana.”

The “Little House” Connection (for curiosity’s sake)

Yes! We are related to the “Little House” Ingalls family.  Louisiana-man is a first cousin four times removed from Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the “Little House” books.  His great great grandparents and great grandfather are mentioned in the first book Little House in the Big Woods where Uncle Peter, Aunt Eliza, and their children come to visit for Christmas.  Peter and Charles (Pa) actually married the Quiner sisters, Eliza and Caroline (Ma), so it is a double relation.  It is always fun to visit one of the historical homesteads of the “Little House” Ingalls and be treated almost like royalty by the museum staff.

Homesteading principles have been passed down through the family on both sides.  Bayou Mama’s family has similar “little house” stories, but she never dreamed while she was reading the books and watching the television series one day she would be living at Ingallsnook – One Little Acre in Louisiana.