Catching Up – A Long Time Coming

Hello! Yes, it has been a long time (almost 3 years) since our last post. We have maintained a presence on our Facebook page, but time just has not allowed for keeping up with the blog. Here’s why…. (This post is dedicated to the folks who are experiencing the same type of harrowing disaster in Nebraska, Iowa, etc. RIGHT NOW! Our prayers and hopes for … Continue reading Catching Up – A Long Time Coming

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

The Parkway is a National Park centered on a two-lane highway which stretches over 460 miles through North Carolina and Virginia along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the Park you will find gorgeous scenery everywhere you look, whether the road is nestled under the tree canopy, winding through one of the myriads of tunnels, or perched atop a 6000 foot ridge. Continue reading Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

A New Pickle – EGGPLANT (2 ways)

This season it has been my pleasure to mentor several friends in the art of preserving food by canning. ┬áSo far, we’ve successfully canned 3 bushels of green beans, 100 pounds of new potatoes, and 4 bushels of cucumbers made into pickles of various types. The next 2 weeks will be very busy with canning both peaches and tomatoes. While pickling cucumbers (kosher dills, if … Continue reading A New Pickle – EGGPLANT (2 ways)