Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

The Parkway is a National Park centered on a two-lane highway which stretches over 460 miles through North Carolina and Virginia along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the Park you will find gorgeous scenery everywhere you look, whether the road is nestled under the tree canopy, winding through one of the myriads of tunnels, or perched atop a 6000 foot ridge. Continue reading Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

Aubergine & Gold

A little purple and gold in a south Louisiana garden Eggplant Blooms – These lovely little blossoms are not easily seen because they point their sweet faces toward the ground.  Take time to lift them gently toward the sunshine and discover true beauty in something simple. And, the fruit – true aubergine! Purple leaves of a basil sprig Yellow of cucumber blooms and the gold of … Continue reading Aubergine & Gold