Spanish Moss

It grows on air, or so it seems.  It can be pulled from one tree and tossed into another without missing a beat. Its ability to ‘drink’ air and its ethereal hair-like qualities make Spanish Moss a mysterious bio-gadget. Beautiful, and sometimes spooky, it is quintessentially ‘southern’ in the landscape. The Choctaw people call it “Ponchatoula” which means “hanging hair”.  This is how the city … Continue reading Spanish Moss

Aubergine & Gold

A little purple and gold in a south Louisiana garden Eggplant Blooms – These lovely little blossoms are not easily seen because they point their sweet faces toward the ground.  Take time to lift them gently toward the sunshine and discover true beauty in something simple. And, the fruit – true aubergine! Purple leaves of a basil sprig Yellow of cucumber blooms and the gold of … Continue reading Aubergine & Gold